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"Disarm an Attacker Easily with A Single, Simple Blow!"



Dear Friend,


I remember when I was in my teens in the early 80ís I saw some martial arts movie that I donít quite remember now that had one stand out feature.  In it, the good guy knocked a weapon a gun or knife out of the hand of the bad guy.


So, of course, that resulted me trying to do that non-stop with my buddies.  We got it to work now and then, despite grabbing on the weapon for dear life.


Well, that was pretty early in martial arts training for me.  Across the decades of martial arts, Iíve learned to do that disarm reliably.


Let me share that knowledge with you.


Three Keys to Knocking a Weapon Free


There are certain basic keys to knocking a weapon free.


First, the surface you hit with has to be hard.  If it is body surface, you need to be well-conditioned.  Soft, unworked hands arenít going to work.  If you have stick, stone or a similar object you will have an easy time of it.


Second, the area you hit is vital!  You must strike the attacker on the back of the hand, top of the thumb, or on the inside of the forearm near the wrist.


Third, the attack must be swift.  Muscles have a great deal of problems resisting rapid hits and experience a spasm from the blow.


When these three factors are combined together, you will cause a weapon drop against most attackers quite effortlessly.


Be very cautious in practice.  The force you generate can very easily break the bones of the hand and wrist.  If you are inexperienced, make sure to get the oversight of an experienced instructor.


The method of striking can be very easily practiced with foam sticks and minimal touch force.  The power can be developed on a bag.


Warm regards,

Master Mike Signature


Guro Mikel Steenrod



P.S.  The responsibility for training safely is your own. 

P.P.S.  Safe training methods are discussed in my 99 cent guide.

P.P.P.S.  Know someone that would benefit from this information, please send them a link!